New iPhone App for Dating Could Take A Hero to a Zero, Fast

I wish the iPhone was invented when I was in high school. That way, I could’ve downloaded cool apps, like DateCheck by Intelius for the iPhone that just demo’d at DEMO and avoided dating a bunch of loosers. 

The new iPhone app literally does background checks on anyone you want to date or are interested in hooking up with. I would probably use it on anyone I knew.  Just enter the person’s name, phone number and/or email and voila! You’ll know what their dog eats for breakfast.

The search application filters social web and public record results and makes five categories: Sleaze Detector, Compatibility, Net Worth, Living Situation, and Interests. So fun!  The Sleaze Detector shows you things like criminal records, DUIs, sexual offenses or the like of the person.  Nice.  The Compatibility category searches your horoscope and birthday to narrow down an astrological match (or none). While Net Worth highlights assets, including property ownership, it goes further.

It details bed and bath numbers in the home and the square footage for the house. Cool. Unfortunately, if you live at home information pertaining to that will be gathered up using Facebook, Myspace and Flickr photos and information, so the results could be interesting to say the least.

Datecheck is coming to an iPhone near you, so get ready!