New Media BC annouces 12 Startups for Digital Springboard Mentorships

Today New Media BC announced the 12 digital media startups that have been selected for their Digital Springboard Mentorship Program – a 4 month free advisory service for emerging companies facing technical and business challenges in their development. The dozen companies to be mentored are:

  1. Arcana Studios
  2. Bradfield Productions
  3. Crazed Coders
  4. Ecobuddies Interactive
  5. Ethical Entertainment
  6. Firm Applications
  7. Foulplay Entertainment
  8. MotionSoup
  9. My Wedding Match
  10. Old Skool Studios
  11. Overinteractive Media Inc
  12. Tactica Interactive Communications

The pilot program that was introduced last year by the National Research Council –IRAP and administered by New Media BC, was able to support twice the number of companies this year due to additional support provided by Telefilm Canada.

The lucky 12 were chosen out of a total of 24 applications received. Mentee companies will be matched with Mentors based on their specific technical and business problems identified in their applications and the program will last from September 2009 to January 2010.