New Music App allows you to Cre8 your own music mix

A new Startup based in Calgary is taking music downloading to the next level by allowing fans to create and download their own versions of songs on the iPhone platform.  5ifth Member Music Technologies launched their first App last week in partnership with the band One Bad Son.

The App features the typical functionality and tabs you would expect from a Band oriented App (Band info, bio’s, email subscription, twitter feed, blog feed, purchase music, etc.) with the exception of one cool little tab labeled “Create”.  This is where fans can access 5ifth Member’s “Cre8 Engine” to mix their own version of One Bad Son’s song called “Rustbucket”.  Based on the info provided on 5ifth Member’s website there are currently 122 different potential mixes of Rustbucket that their Cre8 Engine can churn out.  This number could be expanded to 3125 potential mixes as the Band adds new choices to the app.

The Cre8 Engine looks like a cross between a slot machine and a live rock concert, where each cube face represents a different version of that part of the song. 

The App is free and currently available for download from iTunes here.  One Bad Son is also giving away free downloads of Rustbucket for fans who download the app and create their own mix.

According to 5ifth Member’s website, they are calling their experience “active consumption” which is a blend of the gaming experience you find with names titles Rockband or Guitar Hero, and traditional downloading you find through iTunes.