New Music Discovery with QuarterNote

Unfortunately I missed Fred Fabro’s QuarterNote (site coming soon) presentation at the recent Fusion Forum in Vancouver but managed to meet up with him for a quick coffee and synopsis of his new business yesterday. In short, QuarterNote plans on revolutionizing the discovery of new music. They’ve partnered with Project Opus to create a next generation web service that they hope will transform the way new music is discovered and promoted.

QuarterNote will gather real time user generated social network opinions on artists and songs and organize that information into a dynamically generated visual framework (similar to The Baby Name Wizard). By using state-of-the-art text and visual analytics, QuarterNote will help music fans locate, explore and experience new music that fits to their particular tastes, in a compelling interactive environment. To spread the word, QuarterNote will provide users with the tools and widgets to talk about the music they discover on social networking platforms such as Facebook.

Fabro is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded, grown and sold several technology companies over the past two decades. He was a co-founder of INSINC and Datamax Technologies and until recently was President & CEO of ThoughtShare Communications and Qumana Software.

Speaking of Qumana, now that Fabro and team have have moved on to this new music project, Qumana’s blog technology is looking for a new home – ideally a corporate group that can further develop the technology and continue to expand its user base. More on that in a future post.