New Research Proves Need for Improved Captchas, Vancouver’s NuCaptcha Poised to Innovate

A Stanford Research Team led by Dr. Elie Bursztein has published new research that evidences an algorithm for analyzing motion in a video-based Captcha. This research highlights the importance of Vancouver-based NuCaptcha’s cloud-based behavior analysis systems and multi-tiered security systems that adjust the security response in real-time, the Canadian startup says.

“We welcome this type of research,” said Christopher Bailey, CTO for NuCaptcha, “which helps to increase the security capabilities of puzzle technology, and is further evidence that Captcha puzzles cannot survive as a security feature in isolation; they need to be part of a larger security construct.”

“NuCaptcha represents a new generation of Captcha solutions with an infrastructure designed to adapt to security risks in part by displaying different puzzles when under attack,” affirms Dr. Greg Mori, Associate Professor at Simon Fraser University, who has been conducting research in this field for over a decade.

How the NuCaptcha Platform Combats Attacks:

NuCaptcha’s cloud-based platform measures millions of unique user interactions every day. Each interaction provides information to help better differentiate legitimate users and attackers. As the platform grows, access to behavior information grows, and as a result, so does the intelligence of the platform. In this way, legitimate users are shown easier to solve Captcha puzzles, and higher-risk users are shown puzzles more resistant to OCR style attack.

“The combination of animated puzzles and our adaptive Captcha technology allows NuCaptcha to maximize usability for legitimate users while still defending against attackers,” Christopher adds. “Image based technologies from leading providers such as Google reCaptcha, Yahoo, and Microsoft have been broken time and again, which has resulted in ever harder to solve Captchas for humans. Animation and adaptive Captchas are two key aspects of preserving both usability and security.

“NuCaptcha operates using best practices in the online security space and analyzes each claim of vulnerability which is how we continue to be the most user friendly and secure human authentication platform on the market today.”