New Telus ad campaign smelling a lot like Old Spice… but far, far worse

The scent of this scenario should be called “Rotten Rip-off.”

Everyone remembers the recent Old Spice Guy. It went viral—very viral. It’s still popular.

Well, let me interject here—though it’s already been stressed before, countless times, by many people—that the worst thing you can do is try to re-create somebody else’s viral campaign. Whether the original one was deliberate, a la Old Spice, or accidental, a la “Charlie bit me!” it’s never going to work.

Telus, smelling strongly of Rotten Rip-off, and with all their compounds of well-utlizied intelligence, has tried it anyway.

Even worse than Telus shamelessly ripping off the essence and persona of Old Spice Guy is the fact that the Telus version isn’t even remotely clever, funny, or founded on its own vision. In short, it’s terrible. Have a look at one example below for yourself.

Like one of the YouTube commenters says, it’s “Old Spice guy without the charisma or humour.” Dear Telus: please stop sucking.

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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