New Toshiba notebooks to feature gadget

Earlier this week the Yellow Pages Group and Toshiba of Canada joined forces and today they annouced it on Twitter.

All new Toshiba notebooks sold in Canada with the Windows 7 operating system will feature a Gadget on the desktop that will allow laptop owners to conduct a search and be redirected to a search results page.

“ continues to partner with organizations that extend the reach of our network and put our advertisers and their services in front of more potential buyers,” said Nicolas Gaudreau, Vice-President, Digital Media, Yellow Pages Group. “This agreement with Toshiba of Canada is yet another way for us to connect small and medium-sized business with consumers through Yellow”

Of course, already has both iPhone and BlackBerry Apps, so the next logical step would be a desktop gadget.

After all, why open a perfectly fully operational web browser when you can play around with a gadget on your desktop.