New Ventures BC Seminars the Place to Network

I’ve been going to the NVBC seminars and I am truly impressed with the amount of fantastic people (and professionals willing to help) I’ve met.  Not only do you get to hear about people’s great startups, but there is also a sense of entrepreneur spirit that’s hard to find at other events.  That’s why I wanted to mention a really cool group I had a chance to catch up with. 

Jason Murphy’s company Fire450 helps startups at a stage where they still need to build product, IP and get a team together.  It’s a new online product development service aimed at start-ups to allow them to get on their feet quickly.  As Jason explained, the Fire450 team has a passion for great online products that offer real value and functionality to users. His core team members have worked together for many years on new products and have the experience necessary to get great new products off the ground.  They can help you shape the direction of your concept, allow you to collaboratively hash out your startups milestones, and help you find the right people to bring it all together. Fire 450 is uniquely set up for the needs of new product development.

The project team is mapped to the client’s precise needs, team members are dedicated to the project or included on an as needed basis, and development workflow is set-up so that you can take over development when your company and team are ready.  Fire 450 sources their team members, so that they transfer to the client when the circumstances are right, and contracts are designed to make sure that IP stays with the client.  As Jason says,

We like to get excited about our clients ideas; Our goal is to have a small number of long-term clients with whom we have a high level of commitment and engagement.

So, if you’re a startup that wants the startup help or just wan to get some advice, give Jason a call or check out their site–very valuable.