New web browser aims to stand out with deep social networking integration

rockmeltThe web browser market is already crowded with popular choices such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Mozilla Firefox (oh, and that Internet Explorer thing by Microsoft or whatever).

But a new one, called RockMelt, specifically highlights social networking.

Financially supported by a co-founder of web browsing pioneer Netscape (now extinct), RockMelt, still in beta, aims to stand out from the crowd through deep integration with Facebook and Twitter, emphasizing social networking while browsing.

According to RockMelt, it has “re-imagined the browser for modern web users, building in the web’s most popular services,” and “enables you to interact and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other sites instantly from anywhere on the web,” it said in a statement.”

The browser integrates Facebook friends directly into its interface, so “you’re always ready to chat, share a video or keep up on what your friends are doing, wherever you are on the web.”

While I admit that prior to this, I didn’t really see a purpose for any new browsers, there is quite a strong appeal to Facebook addicts (of which there are millions). Unfortunately, most Facebook addicts aren’t necessarily tech-savvy and probably don’t know or care which browser they use (thus relying on default). RockMelt will need to market itself well to get known – perhaps through Facebook? I doubt I’ll use it myself, but props to the designer for a cool logo.

Invitations to use the beta version are available on its site.