New York’s MediaNet explodes onto Canadian soil

MediaNet, a leading provider of digital entertainment content, has just launched—in Canada—the “MN Open” platform, which provides an API and a suite of web components for the digital delivery of music and eBook content. MediaNet operates a distribution network delivering content in the U.S. for appl and web developers of all sizes, from niche bloggers to global brands. MediaNet also opened its doors to the MN Open platform in the U.K. today.

Available now in all of Canada, customers can add digital music and eBooks to any website or application. MediaNet has “fast-tracked the sign-up process to make it self-serve, quick, easy and free with no coding required,” according to the company. MediaNet handles the commerce, including credit card processing and pricing in Canadian currency, as well as a real-time reporting portal to track performance.

“Canada has a dynamic online community that is interested in consuming digital entertainment,” said Alan McGlade, the CEO. “MediaNet can now offer web publishers, application developers and online retailers in Canada a frictionless path to integrate a deep catalog of premium content into their products and deliver it to end users.”

MediaNet’s API features include integration into any website or application, customized pricing and exclusive content, rich metadata including bios and reviews for songs, albums, and artists, compatibility with any programming language, and more.

MediaNet also offers a catalog of eBooks, including the most popular titles available through major physical and online book sellers. Offered in Adobe ePub and PDF formats, they are compatible with PC, Mac, Sony Reader, others.

“MediaNet is delivering the next generation of premium entertainment content services,” Alan said. “Essentially, we have become a ‘Content Concierge’ that presents the appropriate content to an online user when they are predisposed to consuming it. MediaNet’s expansion into Canada and other territories will serve to further expand the marketplace and increase consumer acceptance.”