Newfoundland gets Virtual Marine Technology SurvivalQuest Lifeboat Simulator

The Marine Institute, at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), will be the first institution in the world to put into action the SurvivalQuest system; the most advanced lifeboat simulation equipment in the world.

Captain Anthony Patterson, President and CEO of Canadian company Virtual Marine Technology (VMT), claims their SurvivalQuest system “bridges the gap between classroom theory and on-the-water experience.”  Lifeboat training, of huge importance to the world in the offshore oil and marine industries, is difficult to teach.  Real world experience can be dangerous and unpredictable, and classroom theory lacks the interaction and realism.

Simulation also helps to drive down the cost of training students, as learning is as close to real-world as possible, and as such highly marketable to marine-dependent investors.  In an announcement on the MUN website, Glenn Blackwood, Executive Director of the Fisheries and Marine Institute said, “The Marine Institute has one of the most comprehensive suites of marine simulation capabilities in North America for training personnel in the offshore petroleum and marine industries.”

Photo: Virtual Marine Technologies (2011)