Newfoundland’s Celtx Jumps from Desktop to Cloud and Mobile; Invests $25,000 in Indie Filmmakers

St John’s-based Celtx has made the sky-high leap from desktop to cloud. An acronym for “Crew, Equipment, Location, Talent, and XML,” Celtx can now enable users to utilize its free media pre-production software anywhere, anytime—allowing filmmakers and kin to always access their latest drafts, no matter what.

Celtx’s new cloud offering allows up to 2 GB of storage for free. It also includes all of the same features desktop users expect: comment and feedback options, project sharing, and project syncing. Celtx also recently launched a mobile app on iTunes for $4.99.

To celebrate these new product launches, Celtx has decided to resurrect its Celtx Seeds program. The Newfoundland startup will invest $25,000 in grants and funds to indie filmmakers and schools.