News in Motion: RIM files new patent, CMO leaves, BlackBerry OS 7 poised to launch this year

RIM files new patent

Research in Motion has a new patent up, one relating to touch-screen technology, an area competitive as smartphones and tablets continue to rise in popularity. In a filing titled “Touch-sensitive display with capacitive and resistive touch sensors and method of control,” the Waterloo-based BlackBerry maker describes a sort of hybrid touch-screen technology:

When the force applied to the touch-sensitive display exceeds the force threshold that causes the resistive touch sensors to contact each other, a touch is detected via the resistive touch-sensitive overlay and the resistive touch-sensitive controller. The resistive location of the touch is determined utilizing the resistive touch sensors of the resistive touch-sensitive overlay. The resistive touch sensors effectively determine the center of the force of the touch. The force threshold that causes the resistive touch sensors to contact each other is known.

The capacitive touch-sensitive overlay includes capacitive touch sensors separated by a barrier. The overlay may also include a substrate, a ground shield, a barrier on which one of the capacitive touch sensors is disposed, and a cover disposed on the other capacitive touch sensor.

OS 7 coming

According to a leaked roadmap of BlackBerry software plans, it appears that BlackBerry OS 7 will be launching in Q4 2011. The timeline note suggests either October or November specifically. Thus software is expected to utilize the QNX software technologies that will be present in the upcoming PlayBook tablet.

CMO leaves

The Wall Street Journal reported that Research In Motion’s chief marketing officer, Keith Pardy, is leaving the company. Citing “personal reasons,” Keith will be transitioning out of the company over the next half-year. Keith has only been with the company since 2009.