News in Short: Author launches iPad-only novel, chatr inventory now at retailers


Exclusive iPad novel

Japanese novelist Ryu Murakami ii releasing his latest novel, A Singing Whale, exclusively on Apple’s iPad, and including several multimedia goodies. The novel will feature video elements, as well as orchestration by an Academy Award-winning composer. The novel will be priced at $17, and will be ready for download as soon Apple approves it.

It won’t be the first time an author has gone exclusive for an ebook reader, but it is perhaps the first time a novel has been published digitally with absolutely no plans to ever launch a paper or hardback version.

Rogers pumps out chatr inventory to big-box stores

Chatr, which Rogers says is designed to target a niche that its Rogers and Fido services do not reach, has begun to send inventory to retailers. Chatr will offer no-contract voice and text plans and unlimited talk and text plans. Data is not a part of chatr. 

There is still no official launch date but some are claiming it will launch by the end of this month.