News in Short: Craigslist nixes its ‘adult services’ section, Apple withholds info on iPhone


Craigslist nixes its “adult services” section following complaints

The internet’s favourite classifieds website, Craigslist, has nixed its “adult services.” 

It’s not a huge surprise, considering its been under criticism from law enforcement and various anti-prostitution groups since its inception.

But it is a major hit to the site’s revenue—adult ads were forecast to draw more than $30 million this year.

Apple withholds eco info on iPhone

A U.K.-based initiative to determine the carbon footprint of mobile devices was given the cold shoulder by the ever-secretive Apple Inc.

The initiative, called O2 EcoRatings, saw Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Palm, and Sony Ericsson all willingly offer up information so that O2 could determine the device’s environmental impact. Apple, however, refused.

It’s a little strange, given that Apple has been proud of its low eco-impact computers, leading consumers to believe something may be environmentally amiss with the iPhone.