News in Short: Digg backtracks to old website following backlash; iPhone 4 breaks a lot


Digg backtracks to old website following backlash

Bringing back the “Bury” button is just one small step in a Digg overhaul. But the overhaul is less about introducing new features and more about bringing back old features.

In a rare twist, Digg is trying to improve itself by reverting back to its older version (Digg V4, as it has been called, was a disaster that trigged backlash on the internet).

CEO Matt Williams has formally apologized (after hiding for a while) and promises to appease new and old fans alike by returning Digg to the way that made it so popular. Digg’s traffic declined substantially after V4 was launched.

Apple’s iPhone 4 breaks more often than predecessor

Reception issues may be the least of iPhone users’ worries, amidst reports that the iPhone 4 is a rather fragile little gadget. The latest version of Apple’s wildly popular mobile device is perhaps the most beautiful yet – but that beauty comes because of its glass casing, which has effectively doubled the rate of broken iPhone exteriors.

A simple third-party or even Apple-made case easily protects the back and sides of an iPhone, and often even the front as well. But among us are those too cheap or too stylish to cover their device with rubber or leather. Nearly 5% of iPhone 4 users have reported broken glass, versus less than 3% with the iPhone 3.

Glass is pretty, but functionality should top aesthetics when it comes to portable tech gadgets. What’s wrong with brushed aluminium?