News in Short: Facebook closes its virtual gift shop, Gmail adds rich text and improved signatures

Facebook closes its virtual gift shop

Beginning August 1st, you will no longer be able to waste your real money on a shaped mass of meaningless pixels. The social networking site will be shutting the doors on its gift shop, with speculation being that it was unsuccessful—and really, how could it not be? At least at a casino you have a shot at some sort of ROI. Hell, posting a video on YouTube of you flushing money down a toilet will at least get you attention. Buying virtual gifts for real money… well, that’s many people’s definition of “stupid.”

Facebook credits will now be used primarily for apps and things within apps, such as purchasing items in a game. (Yes, this means people will still be buying non-existing items for real money.)

Gmail gets two signature enhancements

Google’s email service now supports rich text in your signature, meaning you can format the text, and include links, images, etc. It’s also added per-address signatures, meaning you can now have different signatures for each of your “from” email addresses even if you direct them into one central hub.