News in Short: Facebook Places works in Canada! …sort of. And Apple is vying for $1 show rentals on iTunes


Facebook Places going global already?

Apparently, you can check-in with Facebook’s new Places feature anywhere in the world, including Canada. Sort of.

It appears to be a glitch, which requires the use of Wi-Fi  that goes through a U.S.-based proxy or VPN. Through this methods, numerous check-ins have been performed in Canada, as well as Paris and even Australia.

TechCrunch approached Facebook about the matter, but Facebook stated firmly, “To be clear, we have not launched in Canada or any other country outside of the US.”

Apple seeking to strike deal for $1 show rentals on iTunes

It’s expected that Apple will announce a revamped television product within the next couple of months, and parallel to this, the iPhone-maker has its crosshairs locked on TV series rentals.

For an expected $1 per episode, Apple is deepinto talks for deals with Fox’s News Corporation, as well as Walt Disney, the parent of ABC. No deals are finalized or even in their final stages, however. And—surprise, surprise—Apple declined to comment when prompted with questioned by the New York Times. The TV companies also declined to comment (probably because Apple told them to).

Apple has thus far struggled to gain any serious ground in the TV market. It currently sells episodes for $2-3 and rents movies, but it’s never garnered much publicity or popularity, despite it bringing TV to the web—widely thought as the new wave of television viewing.

But perhaps this new TV product will be magical and revolutionary.