News in Short: Facebook ponders IPO in 2012, Google predicts future of online advertising

News in short

Facebook to consider IPO “after late 2012”

A board member of the world’s largest social networking site has revealed that Facebook will consider an IPO—but not for at least a couple of years. satisfying investors’ appetite for a slice of one of the Internet’s biggest growth stories.

A stock market debut by Facebook, which is valued in the tens of billions of dollars, would easily be one of the most riveting initial public offerings of the past couple decades/

Peter Thiel is the Facebook board member with the exciting news. A venture capitalist and co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel emphasize that will not happen until after late 2012, pending hitting certain revenue targets and how its business model develops.

“It probably will IPO at some point. The lesson from Google seems to be that you don’t go public until very late,” Peter told Reuters at TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Franc earlier this week.

Google predicts future of online advertising

King of the internet searching, Google this week has made several predictions about the future of online display advertising.

Attending the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx conference in New York, the vice pres of product management (who is responsible for display advertising), Neal Mohan, as well as the managing director of media platforms business, Barry Salzman, proclaimed that display advertising is about to reach its “greatest revolution.” 

The predictions? Half of display ads will include videos that viewers choose to watch. Half of viewers will see ads that change in real time depending on people’s locations and personal tastes. Users will be able to give feedback on three-quarters of ads. And online display advertising will become $50-billion market.