News in Short: Google looks to innovate display and video ads; Facebook revamps ‘like’ button (again…)

News in Short

Google looks to innovate display and video ads

In an official blog post, Google announced that it’s simplifying its display advertising process in a post on the Official Google Blog. Google stunned readers with a statistic that a staggering 40% of its ads—and this doesn’t even include the 40-billion-plus daily ads via DoubleClick—are “non-text ads” (which includes video ads on YouTube).

Display advertising has come a long way from the ugly banner ads and pop-ups of the mid 1990s, but there’s still huge improvements to come.

Google is consequently launching a promotional campaign called “WATCH THIS SPACE.” More than just simplifying the process, Google said that it’s going to “open the display ecosystem”—which essentially translates into making it easier for smaller business to penetrate the display ad market.

Facebook revamps “Like” button (again…)

Facebook launched its “Like” button in April, and it’s been wildly popular with users, and even being used in major corporation ads and the like (pun intended). But it also changes a lot. Do you “like” that?


1. You can now Like items within Facebook applications.

2. You can now (optionally) have a special Like button layout, which in a box counts Likes above it.

3. You can now link the Like button to Facebook Pages. (So when you Like a website, that link can go to its Facebook Page.)

Very exciting stuff.