News in Short: Google reaches deal with Associated Press, legendary Oxford Dictionary shifts online


Google inks deal with AP

Search engine titan Google has recently reached an agreement with  the Associated Press, which will keep its content on Google News. The issue looked grave for Google earlier this year when the company’s news aggregator stopped posting AP content while the two organizations worked on a new deal. The sum of money from Google for the rights to host AP’s content was not disclosed.

AP said in a brief statemet that the companies “have reached a new agreement on the continued licensing of AP content by Google. Under the agreement, AP and Google will also work together in a number of new areas, such as ways to improve discovery and distribution of news.”

AP AP signed a similar agreement with Yahoo in February, and has long held unfavourable opinions of non-paying content aggregators, always seeking ways to charge for its content through all channels and outlets (going as far as to charge by the word).

Oxford English Dictionary considers web-only format

oxfordAccording to The Telegraph, 80 lexicographers have been working on the third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary for more than two decades – and it’s still a good decade away from being published.

But when it is, the Oxford University Press is apt to publish the 20-volume goliath exclusively online, possibly raking in profits for the first time since the dictionary’s inception well over a century ago.

The slimmer, single volume Oxford Dictionary of English will still be printed, according to Mashable.