News in Short: Microsoft previews amazing new map street viewer, people caught in limbo between print and web



Microsoft sneak peaks its Street Slide technology

Software giant Microsoft’s latest project has the potential to make Google’s renowned street view look antiquated (who’d have thunk it would happen so damn soon?). The video below explains it. And while the narrator is incredibly dull, the content and features of Street Slide is apt to keep you watching the whole thing. Neat stuff.

People abandoning print, yet sill unable to trust web

According to a recent report released by the Center for the Digital Future at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of  Southern California, almost a quarter of Internet users who also read newspapers would miss the print edition of their newspapers if they disappeared, but 18 percent have already stopped subscribing to a newspaper or magazine because they can read the same material online.

It’s a conundrum: more than three-quarters ranked the Internet as an important source of information, but just over half said newspapers were important, the New York Times reported recently—and yet, while most people get their information online these days, they do not necessarily trust their new sources of news, the report suggests.

Just 39 percent of people said that most or all of the information they read online is reliable, the lowest percentage since the university began doing annual studies a decade ago. Fourteen percent said that only a small portion or none of the information online was reliable, the highest level ever, the NY Times says of the report.