News in Short: Mobile searching quadrupled in past year; Nokia’s N8 plans to conquer Apple’s iPhone

News in Short

Mobile searching quadrupled in past year

Mobile queries from fully featured mobile browsers have increased by a factor of four in the past year.

This is the metric realized and revealed by Nick Fox, who is the director of product management at Google. He made note of this at the 2010 Citi Technology Conference on Wednesday. An incredible—yet surprisingly unsurprising—growth rate. What will the next year deliver?

Nokia’s N8 plans to conquer smartphone market

Nokia, which is the world’s largest mobile phone maker by unit volume, will outline the details of its latest effort to counter Apple’s iPhone (and all other popular smartphones, really) next week.

This effort is realized in the form of a $550 smartphone titled “N8.” It’s a touch-screen phone and will be available globally by the end of September.