News in Short: Mobile web traffic explodes, Facebook now second-largest video site

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Facebook eclipses Yahoo as second-largest video site

Google-owned YouTube remains, of course, the most popular video sharing site in the U.S., but Facebook is now the second most popular place to watch videos online.

According to recent data from comScore, Facebook has eclisped Yahoo and continues to grow. Facebook served more than 160 million video viewing sessions in July, climbing 80 million to 240 million in August. Wow.

Mobile web traffic explodes

Opera has published a new State of the Mobile Web Report. It capture almost 500 separate data points, from top 10 lists, to geographic reports, to special sections. Quoth Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera Software:

Use of the Web on mobile devices continues to expand. … We believe the mobile Web has the power to bring tremendous social and economic change to the inhabitants of many countries. 

Quoth ReadWriteWeb’s article based on this report:

Mobile browser maker Opera is out with its latest report on the state of the mobile Web, and this time, it’s calling the growth “stunning.” Since August of last year, the number of uniques has increased by 108.3%, page views by 143.2% and data traffic by 134.4%.

Click here for the full report.