News in Short: RIM reaches preliminary deal with Saudi Arabia, Google acquires games and apps maker Slide


RIM advances talks with Saudi Arabia

A preliminary agreement has already been reached and a formal deal between the parties is in the final stages of negotiations.

These are the fateful words of an Saudi Arabia official involved in the talks with RIM.

The agreement will see that RIM sets up a server in their country, but specific details are scarce. Officials at the kingdom’s Communication and Information Technology Commission, were not available for comment. Nor could spokespersons for RIM be reached. Nonetheless, the news is good for RIM, but it’s key they play tactically, as this may set a precedent for future battles over securities in foreign countries.

Google acquires Slide

Internet search and software giant Google has acquired Slide, a maker of games, apps, and widgets.

Slide is involved in reaching a variety of social networks, including Facebook and MySpace, with its products, and this move proves Google’s push into the social networking scene.

Google made another play for the social networking space Friday with its acquisition of Slide, which makes games, applications and widgets for websites such as Facebook and MySpace.

A report on the website TechCrunch says Google has agreed to pay $182 million plus $46 million in employee bonuses.