News in Short: Social media use increasing at work, RIM sneak peaks Blackberry 6


Study reveals social media use in the office rising

Trend Micro has released a study showing more workers around the world are increasingly use social media while in the office—and on the clock.

Over the past two years alone, social web use in the workplace has risen from 19% to 24%, averaged across many prominent countries.

For workers on laptops, the numbers are even higher. Almost a third of laptop users around the world will use social websites while at work, according to the study. Company size is also a factor. Workers at larger companies are more likely to stay off social networks.

RIM previews Blackberry 6 and Blackberry Protect

This is the company’s second sneak peak of the operating system (first was at WES 2010).

Almost all of the interface elements are touch-based. There is a virtual keyboard on display, similar the iPhone, as well as pinch zoom.

BlackBerry is integrating Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger with the inbox, making it easy to post to multiple social networks at one time. BlackBerry 6 will sport a new web browser based on WebKit.

RIM has also announced an upcoming product, called BlackBerry Protect, comparable to MobileMe. BlackBerry Protect is still in private beta. It will reach public beta later in the year.

BlackBerry Protect is free. It will back up your contacts, calendar, memos, bookmarks and text messages over Wi-Fi, restore your data to a new BlackBerry or switch from one BlackBerry to another, remotely lock your device with a password or remotely wipe all of the data off of your device, track the location of your smartphone via GPS, remotely activate a loud ringer (for misplaced phones), and add your contact information to the phone’s home screen so others can contact you if they find it.