News in Short: Twitter changes CEO (again), Google gives iPhone some Goggles with visual search app

news in short

Twitter changes CEO (again)

Twitter yesterday announced that Dick Costolo has become its new chief executive officer (CEO). Dick will replace @Ev, also known as Evan Williams, who is a co-founder of the micro-blogging service. Dick is a  a Google veteran who joined Twitter last year. He was chief operating officer (COO).

“Starting today, I’ll be completely focused on product strategy, ” said Evan in a blog post.

Twitter changes a lot since Evans started his reign at CEO two years ago. There are 300 people now working at Twitter, compared to just 20 back then. “Back then, people were creating about 1.25 million tweets a day—compared to 90 million today … we grew from 3 million registered users to more than 165 million today.”

Google gives iPhone some Goggles with visual search app

Google Goggles is now available for the iPhone. Google Goggles uses an iPhone’s camera to identify objects in the real world. Point your lens at any object and the app may identify the object. If it does, it immediately Googles it. Google Goggles is part of the overarching Google app, which is free.