News in Short: E-Books take longer to read, Facebook to recognize faces in photos

News in Short

Study claims e-books slows pace of reading

Web-usability mastermind Jakob Nielsen of Nielsen Norman Group conducted a study that pitted the Kindle 2 and iPad against print. The study found that reading speeds declined by more than 6% on the iPad and by nearly 11% on the Kindle.

Facebook looks to implement face-recognition technology

The social networking giant is renowned as a prime place to upload and manage photo albums. With this in mind, the team at Facebook is testing face detection technologies to implement on their popular website in an effort to reduce the tediousness of tagging people in photos.

The process will work simply: identify a face once as a certain person, and the beta technology will search your entire photo album and tag matching results. It’s quite similar to standard digital camera technology—so it’s not new or innovative, but still a welcome improvement on the site.

The company also says that face detection is just the first of several enhancements that they’re testing.