Nexonia brings your expense book to the iPhone

Corporate travel can be a pain in a number of ways, but surely one of the biggest irritants is the frenzied compilation of expenses in the hotel room or on the plane ride home, where you desperately try to justify multiple martini lunches to the no-fun bean counters back home. Well, expense reports will always be on the bottom of the heap on the “fun things to do” list, but at least with Toronto-based Nexonia’s new Expense Report app, they’ll at least be easy to compile.

The Expense Report app, which goes for $14.99 on the App Store, doesn’t rely on subscription to Nexonia’s server-based apps. Once it’s paid for and installed on your phone, that’s the last charge you’ll see, though the app does sync to Nexonia’s servers in order to back up your reports.

The app allows you to enter and track expenses, take pictures of receipts, and request PDFs instantly. It can also access over 160 different currencies, a nice bonus for international business.

Though the app is a little pricey compared to most iPhone apps, it will also save you a substantial amount of end-of-the-trip grief, so it’s probably worth getting if you’re a frequent business traveler who hates accounting.  There’s also a less feature-rich free app, simply called Expenses, which is intended for those who already subscribe to Nexonia’s web-based expense tracking solutions.