next 2010: tomorrow’s thoughts, today.

With the emphasis on understanding the highly integrated environment that surrounds us, it’s no wonder that during the wide array of anticipated technology and marketing conferences of the year, the decisive notion that the ‘future is now’ is more relevant than ever.

As far as marketing strategies are understood in a highly digitized environment, it’s no wonder that the discourse around this subject matter is only on the rise.  There is an implicit understanding that given the way media consumption patterns have changed from a corporate and consumer vantage point, ideologies, learnings and strategies must then change rapidly, in tandem.

Next: 2010, which will be running from May 26th-27th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is taking a broad overview of the changing online setting and offering what should be a highly influential and timely affair.

The impressive panel of keynote addresses, ranging from comedian and tv personality Howie Mandel, co-host of ET Canada Rick Campanelli, Design Guru Debbie Travis and author and evangelist Avinash Kaushik of Google, is the exact combination of thinking that is intended to serve the marketing and advertising community in better understanding the future of this business.

For more information on this two day affair, check out the event site, and keep in mind, that whether you’re at the top of your career or on the cusp of change, sessions are designed to facilitate a myriad of conversations.  So why wait until tomorrow to make changes you desire in your strategies and thinkings? Act now, and act today.