The Next 36 Presents New Webseries About Canadian Entrepreneurs

The Next 36 is a unique new program developed to increase young Canadian entrepreneurs’ development. By providing a series of life changing experiences, participants will be able to build relationships and gain skills that will help them construct and lead organizations in the future.

A new six part web series entitled “Becoming… The Next 36” will chronicle 70 young entrepreneurs from across the country as they duke it out for the top 36 spots in Canada’s most prestigious program. The webisodes will follow the young men and women behind the scenes during four days of interviews, deliberations, ideation and venture formation.

Episode One is already available on Youtube, and following webisodes will be released every two weeks.  



Thirty-six promising undergraduates are selected every year, through different academic disciplines. For eight months they are provided mentorship from Canada’s top business leaders, with up to $80,000 from top venture capitalists. The entrepreneurs will be required to build a business in the mobile or tablet space together in teams of three.

Managing the challenges of running a business and competing against others in the industry, The Next 36 sets a stage for those with big dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. But before they can experience the pressure and the privilege of being The Next 36, they must try and squeeze their foot in the door. Motivated and focused, the most talented young business people vie for the countries greatest developing resources and you can watch it all unfold.