Netflix entry into Canada triggers Rogers to trim its services, but not its prices

rogersGood companies will always offer you “more for less.” But in the case of Rogers Communications, they’re charging you more for less.

Canada’s country’s second-biggest Internet provider is lowering usage limits on some of its plans, quickly following the online video service Netflix’s announcement it was expanding into Canada.

  • Rogers Extreme plan has dropped from 90 GB to 80 GB
  • Rogers Lite plan has dropped from 25 GB to 15 GB

Rogers has not explained these changes and spokespeople for the company have no comments.

Tech blogs have estimated that a typical two-hour Netflix movie uses about 1.5 to 2 GB of data, with high-def versions consuming upward of 3 GB. This means that users on Rogers’ new Lite plan could therefore view roughly 10 hours a month of HD video a month – if they didn’t use their Internet connection for anything else – while Extreme subscribers could view about 53 hours, equalling less than two hours a day.

Rogers has one plan above Extreme, its Ultimate service, which allows for a whopping 175 GB – for a whopping $99 per month. And Rogers raised its maximum overage fee this year to a staggering $50 from an already questionable $25.

While competitor Bell doesn’t necessarily offer more GB, companies south of the border sure do: Comcast, for instance, offers a 250 GB limit on all plans, charging more based on speed instead of max limit.