nextMEDIA 2008: Opening Night

Tonight was the opening night for nextMEDIA 2008! Despite a bit of a lineup, most people got registered fairly quickly and made their way over to the Opening Meet & Greet, sponsored by Telefilm, to mingle with other attendees. Here’s a photo of the party:

Opening night reception

At 7 PM, Megan Cole interviewed Jim Louderback, the CEO of Revision3. Despite a choppy Internet feed, there was a good turn out on Ustream. Jim talked about the MediaDefender issue, the trends he is seeing with old and new media like, and shared with viewers what a typical day for him is like. Jim’s keynote takes place at 9 AM on Sunday morning. He’ll be talking more about how to build a TV network for the Internet generation.

Speaking of the Internet generation, there’s a push this year to get nextMEDIA attendees to use tags. Organizers have designated nm08 as the official tag. For example, you can see all photos tagged nm08 at Flickr here. If you’re on Twitter, we’re using the #nm08 hashtag which you can see at Twemes. There are lots of TV producers and executives here, so it’ll be interesting to see how many of them are taking photos and uploading them, let alone using tags.

Things really get under way for nextMEDIA 2008 tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM. You can find the schedule here.