nextMEDIA and the importance of innovation – Day Two

nextMEDIA, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year delivered on its promise to further decode the innovative realm, digital space and media environment in Canada. It’s always a treat to be in the company of leaders and innovators in various industries whom are not afraid to offer their take on media and the digital world as we’ve come to know it.

Mark Greenspan of Achilles Media, an organizer of nextMEDIA proclaimed that “we’re living in an age of eating, sleeping and breathing digital media.” With that, let’s take a look at some of the participants this year:

Bryan Segal of Comscore touched on everything from the web, to mobile, to video and search.  With the idea that voice is no longer the killer application on mobile devices a greater importance on content than ever before must be realized. On mobile devices alone, users spend about 24 minutes and engage in 3.3 visits a day on tools such as Facebook.  Segal noted that 48% of all videos are watched through YouTube, however video consumption is indexed within highest income families.  All in all, it’s apparent that while 72% of Canadians are using the internet on a daily basis (which includes time spent and content viewed), Canada is a true digital leader.

The Honourable MP James Moore, of the Department of Canadian Heritage began his presentaton by stating that “I participate in politics to support my technology habit.” It was refreshing to hear someone of his influence emphasize the fact that increasingly, as a government and people, we have to support the transition to digital. We simply must innovate and move forward in these times. Moore noted that importantly, the CBC is leading the way in becoming a multi-media platform for both English and French audiences. Moore explained that we live in a creative economy which takes two blunt instruments and combines them with intellectual ingenuity and in turns puts them out for sale.  So what does MP James Moore want us to know? The average member of parliament doesn’t get it. We must think about the importance of staying engaged in these times.

Subsequently, what can we decipher from the plethora of messages, view points and perspectives offered at yesterday’s nextMEDIA? The right metrics are critical in order to tell the best story possible. Clicks don’t tell you anything about brand effect and innovation is more important than ever in our lives.

Check back for more on nextMEDIA coming soon!