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Mike Farrell’s focus is answering that age-old question. What the hell are those kids thinking?


Mike Farrell is the director of strategy and research with Youthography. You can find out more about him here (scroll down). 


9-13-year-olds aggregate time spent online is more than time spent watching television. 

“the dvd player and high speed internet have become the tv our times with mass saturation for both”

“34% of 9-34 year-olds want a smartphone”

Texting is the most used feature on cell phones far outpacing “browsing” or “playing games”

Roughly 50% of young people don’t care what screen they watch their content on, they just want to like it. 

Only 7% of Canadian tweens (9-13) do not play video games. 

Canadian youth spend an average of 33 minutes a day on social networking sites/communities 

“Paris Hilton is no Grace Kelly because Paris Hilton is the epitome of high performance art.”

“Good brands share themselves with their consumers – or control is taken away”

“The death of binary culture. There is no such thing as one opinion that is valid”


@ollielindsay 43% of 14-34 year olds like when a tv show has a single sponsor and there are almost no ads except by that one sponsor.

@stitchmedia With rampant technological advances, there is a resurgent of old-school marketing.

@ollielindsay Ethics of brands matter much more to people aged 14-34.