#nextMEDIA – Links, quotes and tweets from Interactivity, Creativity & Web Domination keynote


Janet Kestin, Co-Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Toronto.

She was part of the Dove campaign for real beauty. Her presentation involved web video initiatives like the Evolution commercial and Waking Up Hannah (a short interactive film).

@uncollected liveblogged the keynote. (Click here)


The Evolution feature was “like an atom bomb,” it is “the most seen branded viral video ever.” 

Evolution was a web only feature and it “delivered an ROI better than what we would have had during the Superbowl.” 

“Advertising, when it works, is all about understanding your audience.”

“Lack of faith is why marketers aren’t running to spend huge amounts of money on the web yet.” 

“There is not many people hitting the sweet spot between digital and traditional marketing, but the ones who do are so cool I almost can’t stand it.”


@invoker Janet Kestin from Ogilvy. Smart, innovative, creative keynoting. I really like her and her teams fantastic work with Dove. #nextmedia

@nitchblog Kestin on being experimental: “Research is a giant achilles heel in many cases to creativity” Interesting thought… #nextmedia

@superblue Listening to Janet Kestin from Ogilvy Toronto at#nextMEDIA – worth giving up a Sunday morning for.

@digallo Clients, interactive and digital agencies that are taking chances are doing the best work #nextmedia