#nextMEDIA – Links, quotes and tweets from Who Cares About Interactive Storytelling?


A panel discussion with

Examples of interactive storytelling from the panel.


James Milward spent $12 000 creating the Secret Location portfolio piece and won multiple awards and spun hundreds of thousands of dollars of work out of it.

Stories range from passive (films) to interactive (videogames) – James Milward

“Individuals are becoming much better storytellers,” Mike Kasprow

“Telling a good story is about having a beginning, middle and end and having compelling characters,” Kirsty Hunter


@stitchmedia Interactive storytelling: We are able to tailor to our audience and have them influence the story. – Evan.#nextmedia

@stitchmedia “If you are passionate about something, you will feel like you want to get involved.” Kirsty at interactive storytelling #nextmedia

@stitchmedia “interactive does not mean clicking, it means engagement.” Mike at storytelling #nextmedia