nextMEDIA Wrap Up

So you may be asking yourself… what else happened at the conference and why such a cursory review. The truth lie at the heart of conferences. Often you get the most talented, educated, successful, innovative, academic, challenging, etc, people but the focus is broad communication, selling and the every important networking. The actual content seems to fall into the “yeah I kinda knew that already” category.

That said the organizers of the nextMEDIA conference went to great lengths to bring in an eclectic and knowledgeable group of presenters. In one day we had YouTube announce its Canadian launch, a roundtable about the future of the CRTC and brand manager Jacob Gavin of VICE tell you how two x-drunks and an x-Junkie now run a massively successful content empire that is paving the way for multiplatform content dissemination… so much so Viacom had tossed in some millions to learn from them.

The right people were there and right topics were covered and overall it was really high quality event. In the same breath though I think everyone left kinda wanting more. It’s like the mini burgers I mentioned earlier…they taste great, there just like the big burgers but still there just bit sized content.