Canadian Startup Nextwave Lands $500,000 to Bring for Smart Messaging Platform to Market

Nextwave Software has raised $500,000 from Whitetooth Capital.

The Vancouver-based startup, developer of the Walkabout Smart Messaging Platform, says the financing will accelerate its smart messaging service to market and drive “significant technology disruption” in the over-the­-top messaging space.

“We immediately recognized the power of Walkabout’s new smart messaging approach and found a great team fit with the folks at Nextwave,” said Lee Bowles of Whitetooth Capital.

According to Nextwave, Walkabout’s smart messaging eliminates the redundancy of multiple messaging platforms, allowing users to connect and collaborate via browser over voice, video, and chat. Without installing software, Walkabout contributes an intelligent agent to each conversation, empowering communication with contextually relevant information and services.

“We have a sharp eye for technology in this space and realized that this new approach to messaging is going to disrupt and change things radically,” Bowles added.

In 2014, the messaging space has witnessed unprecedented consolidation: see Viber’s $1 billion exit to Rakuten and the $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook for particularly strong examples. Nextwave believes this consolidation has created “tremendous demand for differentiated and context aware messaging features.”

“OTT Messaging is a mature technology space that is ripe for disruption,” said Chris Boothroyd, CEO of Nextwave Software. “By adding agent­driven artificial intelligence to social networking and messaging, we can change the entire concept of what it means to communicate and make people’s lives simpler and better.”

“It’s time to harness all of that technology out there, turn it around and make it work for all of us,” affirmed Boothroyd. “We are on our way to transform messaging into a whole new realm of opportunity.”