Nifty Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns You May Want to Fund This Week



It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:

bKey, Charge Ninja, and Skinny Charge

There’s a myriad of portable battery-charging devices vying for your donation money on crowdfunding websites these days.

Of the three major campaigns posted at the time of writing, bKey is by far the smallest. With different tips for charging different devices, the key-shaped energizer is about the same size as well. The creators say it will hold its charge for over 30 days.

While the bKey is more compact and fits on your keychain, it’s counterpart Charge Ninja is slimmer and fits in your wallet. About the size of a credit card, it will recharge up to 85 per cent of your iPhone and comes with the “charging key” that is required to plug the charger in for its juice boost.

A similarly shaped recharger is the Skinny Charge. However, this unique design incorporates its plug into the body of the battery, eliminating the extra accessory included with the Ninja. And it has a small LED flashlight for when the device you usually use as a light is out of power.

Immortal Skateboards

The name is apt. This group, which contains the creator of Bulletproof Skateboards, wants to make a deck that will outlast traditional boards by five times.

Completely wood-free, the new design will only use carbon-composite board. To maintain flexibility along with the added durability, the team rigorously tested prototypes which were built with the help of 3D printing to allow an initial one-off to be affordable. Stickers, flags and boxer shorts are some of the perks that await donors.

Fanpowered Concerts

High Tide Entertainment has an interesting proposal for Victorian Red Hot Chili Pepper fans: crowdfund them an offer they can’t refuse. It’s a simpler campaign than most crowdsourced funding projects in that there is a fixed $100 donation and everyone gets the same perk. If you contribute that amount, you get a ticket to the (hopefully) ensuing show when the Chili Peppers play in town. The group is aiming for a 2015 concert and says they plan on fanpowering more concerts in the future.