redesigns the night (life).

Some industries seem to wallow in the past when it comes to the web. Real estate search sites are notorious for their clunky interfaces and dodgy coding, and up until recently media sites were stuck in a Web 1.0 world (and some still are…are you listening, Globe and Mail?). But one of the most apathetic sectors of the web are nightclub sites, which boast the worst aspects of Myspace design and 1995-era coding, coupled with navigation that would make any power user weep with frustration.

Enter, a new site geared towards selling tickets and updating nightlife lovers with the latest events and hottest venues. At the moment the site (in beta) is limited to Vancouver, but in terms of presentation and navigability, it’s leagues beyond Clubvibes, Clubzone and other nightlife sites.

However, the site lacks Web 2.0 staples like an RSS feed and integration with other sites such as Flickr and Facebook. And there’s a fair point…with social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook used in large part to keep up to date with events, concerts and parties, not to mention post sometimes embarrassing photos of party goers, are sites like essentially a redundant service?