Nike+ FuelBand Fitness Tracker for iPhone Launches in Canada

The Nike+ FuelBand has been making a splash in the US ever since it launched earlier this year, and starting October 31, the high-tech fitness tracker will finally be available in Canada as well.

Designed to be worn just like a simple wristband, the ergonomic FuelBand is meant to stay on your wrist all day long so it can track all of your movement through its built-in accelerometer and LED dot matrix display.

It syncs up with the official Nike+ FuelBand iPhone app over bluetooth or connects to a computer via USB so that it can report back to your with your progress.

“The Nike+ FuelBand is a way for Nike to further evolve the exciting possibilities of merging the physical and digital worlds,” said Nike Digital Sport Experience Director, Ricky Engelberg at the Canadian unveiling of the FuelBand in Toronto. “Nike has always been about inspiring athletes, and the Nike+ FuelBand will help motivate them in a simple, fun and intuitive way.”

Unfortunately for Android users, there isn’t a FuelBand app available from Google Play at this time. To instantly access your progress and receive extra motivation on the go, you’ll need an iOS device like an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The data collected from the FuelBand can be displayed in time, steps, calories burned, or NikeFuel—its proprietary social metric that acts like a point system. You get more NikeFuel points for completing more strenuous activity.

At the start of the day, you’re supposed to set your goal for how much physical activity you’d like to achieve. As the day progresses and you get closer to achieving your goal, you’ll be able to see the LED lights on the band change from red to green.

The FuelBand’s expected retail price of about $150 probably won’t appeal to all fit-happy Canadians, but it will likely establish itself as one of the trendier alternatives to all the other fitness apps, tracking gizmos, and sports watches on the market. Its ability to classify and measure movement through so many day-to-day activities means that the FuelBand could appeal to more moderately health conscious Canadians rather than just the serious runners and gym rats.

Along with the Canadian launch, the FuelBand is also being rolled out in more locations throughout the US and the UK. The Nike+ FuelBand iOS app supports the new iPhone 5, and the actual FuelBand will also come in two new “White ICE” and “Black ICE” colour variations in addition to the original “Black Steel” colour.

Canadians can pick up the Nike+ FuelBand starting this Wednesday, October 31 at Nike Toronto and at Apple stores across the country.