Social Contact Relationship Management Service Nimble Launches New Version of Platform

Nimble, a social relationship management platform, this week launched version 3.0 of its site.

The company aims to consolidate all of our contacts and communications into a single repository, with the goal of helping users build business connections in a deeper and more personal manner. Nimble has described itself as a Pandora for contacts, though its core 3.0 feature is closely reminiscent of LinkedIn.

Nimble is based in Santa Monica, but Canada ranks third worldwide for usage of the platform, and fourth in site traffic for the company. Canadian customers of the service include Shane Gibson, chief social officer of Socialized Agency and co-author of Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, and Chris Herbert, the chief marketing officer of Mi6 Agency.

“Nimble represents the nexus point between social media and sales. It intelligently pulls in and organizes all of our social communications at Socialized into one dashboard, turning our social tools into business tools,” Gibson explains. “Nimble’s technology answers that all important question: ‘How do I drive positive business ROI from social media and social networks?'”

“I have been a user of both Nimble and Traackr for some time now, leveraging both platforms to set up and run influencer programs on behalf of clients such as SAP,” agrees Herbert, also a fan of social media marketing service Traackr, which recently integrated. “Both products have proven to be extremely efficient in yielding great results for my campaigns and my clients.”

Nimble says the changes aim to “reduce noise” associated with building business connections through four main features: A new “Today” screen that delivers actional contact insights; a new “Signals Screen” that uses smart filters to find relevant contacts; more powerful search capabilities; and an apps marketplace with more than 100 integrations.

“By pulling important signals from the noise, Nimble learns more about the types of people and information that are important to our users, offering an ongoing concentration of valuable engagement insights to a higher-quality professional network, and more targeted connection opportunities,” says Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of Nimble. “We’re spearheading an entirely new Nimble experience to expose users to insights about their networks that they didn’t previously know. We’re providing what’s been missing from CRMs and other tools: the context for contacts to build more meaningful and sincere relationships.”