nmodes is a Twitter based Advertising/Lead Generation platform that has been designed from the ground up allowing us to operate as one of the most powerful Twitter marketing providers in the market today.

Successful social media advertising comes down to two key steps. Step one is finding highly qualified leads and step two is turning the leads into sales.

Our platform finds Tweets that have expressed an interest (in purchasing or considering) in a specific item or service relevant to our client within a certain geographical area and demographic. We can provide a variety of responses directly to the person who created the Tweet. These include sending them a Tweet with some text and a link to a page (Website, Landing Page, Social Media Links) on your web site, or a phone # to call. We can also forward the Leads to our client and let them do what they want with them on a case by case basis. The value in our auto feedback is that it is almost immediate and it is on 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Website: http://www.nsemodules.com