No more preaching to the choir: time to get some converts

Almost every website wants you to do something. Buy this! Support that! Sign off on Petition X, Y and Z!

But how do you actually convince someone to take that step beyond reading a splash page and actually do something?

To find out, come to Conversion Camp, on Thursday, November 18th at Reflexity Inc. Conversion optimization is the name of the game — they will show you how to turn traffic into converts, and make the most out of the hits your website gets.

The two-hour seminar will examine the techniques that various types of websites need to use to get their conversion rate up. As well, you’ll learn some techniques to evaluate your conversions so you can find out for yourself what you need to improve.

Conversion Camp takes place November 18th at Reflexity Inc. (286 Sainte-Catherine St W) from 6–8 p.m. You can register for the event and find out more information here.