No Sticky Wicket for Live Current

In April, Vancouver’s Live Current Media struck a huge deal to launch as the official site for the DLF Indian Premier League and last week they announced the traffic results from their inaugural season. The official league site attracted over 50 million page views from over 5.2 million unique visitors during its inaugural season which ran from April 19th – June 2nd. To put that in perspective, the IPTL20 website had more visitors in May 2008 than – the online presence of the second most popular sport in terms of TV ratings in the US. Not surprisely, Cricket’s draw is strong in India with 56% of site traffic coming from that country. However, North Americans will be surprised to learn that the sport has a global fan base with visitors around the world – North America (10%), Northern Europe (7%), Western Asia (7%), and Australia and New Zealand (7%). As the Internet continues to become the preferred platform for sports fans around the world to connect, sites like should become more valuable. One year into a 10-year deal, it looks like Live Current made a great call on the Cricket market. For an average of $5 million per year they secured digital media content, live streaming annd mobile rights to this up & coming league. This may seem rich but it’s a fraction of the TV broadcast rights that sold for over $1 billion for a similar 10-year contract.

“Generating over 50 million page views without a single dollar of marketing investment clearly indicates the natural demand for, interest in and ease of access to the site,” says Mark Melville, acting CEO of and Chief Corporate Development Officer, Live Current Media Inc. “Online sports media in general and cricket specifically offers the breadth and depth global fans seek through any-time interaction, enabling access to multiple layers of content, photos and video from any Internet connection, 24-hours a day for live or archived content.

Look for Live Current to go beta with their global cricket property – – by August 2008. Disclosure: Techvibes Media Inc. Directors Boris Wertz and Geoffrey Hampson are also Directors of Live Current Media Inc.