Nokia Mobifest Toronto celebrates the Best in Mobile Films

On November 17, 2009 the Nokia Mobifest comes to the stage to present over 35 films and videos less than 90 seconds from nearly 20 different countries at the Revue Cinema at 7pm. This event will allow the audience to see amazing films made for mobile. It will also include 2 competitive series – the official selections and the completed Toronto Made-For-Mobile Challenge films, along with 2 showcase series the Word Tour 2009 highlight films and a speak peak of 2 Althletes in Motion films.

For the first time the event will show completed works from the Toronto Made-For-Mobile Challenge. The first competition saw Nokia Mobifest select 5 of the city’s most promising filmmakers and challenge them to produce, shoot and edit a 90-second, Toronto-themed mobile film in just one day.

Some of you who may have attended Mobile Monday on November 2nd will have had a sneak peak at Nokia’s Mobifest. For more information on Nokia’s Mobifest please click here. It is being put on by Mobigardens Corporation and is sponsored by Nokia.