Nominate your company for BC’s Ready to Rocket list

Rocket Builders is Seeking Nominations for the 2010 “Ready to Rocket” and “Emerging Rockets” Lists. This list will be presented before the VEF event in January.

BC is home to many of Canada’s most exciting technology companies. Rocket Builders has built a unique methodology for analyzing market trends and using this knowledge to predict revenue growth in the coming year. Each year Rocket Builders publishes lists which profile the BC companies that have the greatest potential in the coming year.

The “Ready to Rocket 25 List” is a list of 25 technology companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the largest growth trends in the technology industry. This upcoming list will the the 8th year of this recognition list. This year will be particularly interesting given the state of the economy. We expect that companies selected to the “Ready to Rocket” list will outperform the economy and represent important trends that are creating rapid revenue growth.

Because of the economic uncertainty we experienced in 2009, additional effort is being spent in analyzing the markets and in seeking exceptional companies.

We are seeking nominations for the 2010 “Ready to Rocket 25” that we will choose and announce on January 26th. Nomination deadline is January 22nd, but submission by January 12th will allow the selection committee more time to consider your nomination.

What are we looking for in “Ready to Rocket” companies?  The criteria for selection to the “Ready to Rocket 25” list are as follows:

  1. Must be Canadian-Controlled Private Corporation.
  2. Must have a commercialized product on the market that has customers and is generating ongoing revenue.
  3. Must have a minimum of $300,000 in revenue in the past calendar year.
  4. Get nominated at

Each year, over 100 nominations are considered, but only 25 companies are selected. Typically, companies selected are leveraging a key market trend with a unique solution, and must have a reasonable expectation of between 30% and 200% growth.

What if we have a promising startup that is just launching an initial product and is not already in a high growth period?

Please nominate your company even if your company is “too early” to qualify as Rocket Builders also recognizes emerging companies. Many promising companies are too early in commercialization, too early in first revenues, or in transition to new markets or business models. Based on the potential of their technology alone, Rocket Builders recognizes their potential in a “Emerging Rockets” list. These companies represent companies to watch over the next few years and are likely to mature into “Ready to Rocket” companies.