Nortel… from Superstar to Struggling for Survival

Over the past couples months Techvibes has covered Nortel multiple times – everything from lay-offs (and a former employee auctioning off their severance package on eBay) to whether the Canadian government should bail them out. The dust has yet to settle and we’re already learning some lessons from their fall.


This month’s BCTIA TechForum luncheon is titled Nortel… from Superstar to Struggling for Survival.

Nortel, once a leading supplier of communications networks and Canada’s R & D cornerstone, now owns the headlines as a company fighting for survival.

Jules Meunier, past President of Nortel’s Wireless Division and former Nortel CTO, will explore how Nortel lost its “innovation soul” and competitiveness. Jules will talk about the power of innovation and how to avoid the downward spiral that Canada’s once foremost technology company is experiencing today.

The critical mistakes made by Nortel deliver lessons learned that are applicable and relevant to technology companies of all sizes.

Should make for an interesting topic on April 28th from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Sutton Place Hotel.