Not a U.S. Citizen? You can vote, too!

In an article a few months ago, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation survey stated that 15% of Canadians would rather vote for the President than the Prime Minister. After all, being a U.S. neighbor, the decisions of the U.S. leader have a lot of impact on our country and lifestyle.

So, it seemed fitting after the weekend that Hillary Clinton announced the end of her campaign for democratic leader that I post about a new site –

The creators of the site say that after they saw the CBC poll, they thought, in fact, the decisions made for the next U.S. leader will affect everyone in the WORLD in one way or another, not just Canada. So, wouldn’t it be great if everyone could vote for the President in some way? A world poll, so to speak. Thus was born

The site is a political statement as much as it is a web viral experiment. They’ve created pages on both Facebook and Myspace, created a Google group so the world can discuss, and have added the ability to share the site with 32 viral methods such as StumbleUon, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, etc… (using

… OK … Ok … ok.

I’ll admit it. You’ve caught me doing a narcissistic post. The “creators” of WorldVotesForThePresident are none other than myself and my Ph.D. statistical friend, Bob Hayes, in Seattle.

Needless to say, I’d greatly appreciate if you took the 4.2 seconds to vote, and an additional 15.6 seconds to recommend / share it through whatever social network / email system floats your boat! (thanks!). Oh, and absolutely forward it to friends in other countries, ok?